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Percent Allocation Management Module


  1. The potential of the Forex market is unlitmited. You can earn high returns by investing in a PAMM account or PAMM portfolio without being skilled at trading.


The PAMM service has undergone a coampliance check by an international auditing firm. You can see the results of the audit for yourself in cabinet.


You can withdraw your profits, or all of your funds, at any moment via cabinet. You can also spread your risks by investing in several different PAMM accounts or a ready-made portfolio.

What is PAMM?

PAMM is the world’s leading investment platform providing access to a trader base and the ability to invest in the trading of the most successful traders.
Traders are sorted using a performance rating algorithm. Users can fully manage their account using the platform and also gain access to various additional features such as PAMM, which protects against high risk trading strategies.

How it works?

The PAMM user can select the managers in whose trade he wants to invest using an investment service that ranks traders depending on the success of their trading and feedback from the PAMM service community. Then the user invests in managers, depending on their preferences and the degree of risk.
The platform offers a wide range of additional options that allow the user to fully manage their account using the experience of other traders. The user can disconnect his account from the manager at any time and invest in another, as well as select several successful managers to diversify investments.


PAMM is one of the largest investment services. Platform users can choose the most successful among thousands of talented traders from 192 countries. Using the skills of professional managers also allows users to eliminate the emotional and human factor from their trading.